Caniscaeli Setters

OK, Simon was not a setter. But he was our first dog, and was with us even before our first child arrived. What a wonderful boy he was. And the kids always felt safe with Simon around, because Simon was intelligent and confident. He was a friendly dog to everyone, though he saved his smiles for family. Our family was lucky to have had him for almost fourteen years.

I knew setters was what I wanted. Not only the look of setters, which to me is what "dog" should look like. But I liked, and still like, the setter's easy-going, friendly personality. Mac was definitely a people-pleaser.

That little twig of a tree behind him is now a mature shade tree.

The English Setters arrived in 1984. Dahlia (Arion's Stellar Dahlia) was the first. Her show career was cut short prematurely, when she was attacked and her face bloodied by a Springer as she exited the show ring with Gail. Several kind exhibitors rushed to her assistance, but the damage was done. She had a real fear of ring entrances so we finally gave up finishing her Ch. However, she did garner a Puppy Group from the late Tom Quilley on her (and my) first day in the show ring. That was a thrill for me.
Dahlia is the one in the centre of this photo.
Dahlia's daughter Jasmine (Ch. Caniscaeli Jasmine Flower) is on the left, held by Leslie. Jasmine finished her Ch. very easily. She only needed 2 points when we entered her at our ESCC National Specialty at CKC-100 in the 12-18 months class. Jasmine finished as B.O.W. for 5 points under Breeder Judge Honey Glendinning.
Her brother Woody (Ch. Caniscaeli Arion Woodruff) was just starting his show career at that show, and he also was first in his class. He finished shortly thereafter. That's Woody under my left arm. We also brought Caniscaeli Pennyroyal home when she was five. Penny loved to do obedience with me and she and I did pet visitation.
Penny sit-stay Jasmine

Woody at ten.
Woody Woody at twelve, and nephew Tommy

Tommy in show coat

Hunting was his passion

Our final Caniscaeli English Setter, Jasmine's son Louie

Aug. 16, 1994-Oct. 20, 2007.


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